Hop Gose the Grapefruit has been my go-to beer on sunny autumn days like today.

This is my first Gose (pronounced GOH-zeh, as I learned when reading up for this entry), and I’m looking forward to finding more examples of the style. Crisp, lightly tart, slightly cloudy, with a good head on it, Gose is the only beer I know of that incorporates salt as an adjunct.

Mobcraft being Mobcraft, they have playfully accentuated some of the key characteristics of the style through dry hopping and adding the flesh and zest of grapefruit

The end result is a beer that pops with citrus scent the second you crack the can, then pours a lovely gold, builds a solid head that crackles with floral grapefruit bubbles. A lovely, low level of acidity from the lactic acid and grapefruit rounds out into the classic crisp, wheaty, doughy finish of a wheat beer.

Can’t think of a better way to spend an October afternoon than savoring one these tallboys.