Milwaukee: Beer Craft

All about Milwaukee Craft Beer, Craft Breweries, Brewers. I'm here to cheer for Milwaukee's Craft Beer Scene.


Hey Milwaukee —

Welcome to Milwaukee: Beer Craft.

I am storyteller, cicerone-in-training, and beer lover. I’m out to explore and participate in the resurgence of the Milwaukee beer scene. Don’t think of me as a critic. I’m no beer snob, but I am always learning more and looking to expand my horizons.

For inspiration on my journey to Milwaukee’s breweries, I draw on these words from the immortal Michael Jackson: “Obviously, I’m learning all the time, and revising my ideas. Nor did I start with the assumption that I knew better than anyone else.” He further wrote, “My initial contribution was not knowledge but a willingness to research.”

These words speak to me, a beer writer at the beginning of his journey, and they remind me to stay open-minded, humble, and dedicated to my craft: writing, researching, meeting brewers and fellow beer-lovers, tasting beer, and exploring the world of Milwaukee’s beer.

Another way to think of what I’m doing here is as a cheerleader for the industry. It’s high time that Milwaukee — Brew City! — took it’s rightful place along side the other great beer cities in the country. I believe in the brewers who have worked so hard to open craft breweries in Milwaukee. I want to be a voice that shares stories of the beers and the people who are carrying forward Milwaukee’s craft beer scene.

In light of that, you will find me writing about local beer events, specific breweries and their beers, beer books I’m reading, and my own thoughts about the role beer plays in our lives.


— Nathan